The Team

Anne Baes

SEO Head and Digital Marketer at Shadstone

She’s a big fan of data analytics, brand growth and visibility. With years of experience as a Digital Marketing Professional, she has helped businesses and websites boost their online presence, which translated into more leads and conversions.

Mike Michelini has become her mentor in the e-commerce space that paved the way for her to conceptualize more marketing initiatives at Shadstone, mainly in SEO and SEM.

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Manly Florido

Systems Administrator at Shadstone

He has 10+ years of experience in the web industry.

His experience includes AWS Amazon Services, Linux-based web hosting, Linux system administration, LAMP stacks, Cloud Hosting, Domain management, Website migration, and SSL installation. He has also experience in Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress along with HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.


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Victor Zhang

Coding Mentor

Victor is an 11th grader studying in California. He enjoys studying Science, Engineering, Physics, and Computer Science. With passion, he is skillful at coding in Python. In addition, Victor is enthusiastic about other technologies, such as 3D printing technology, building drones, mechanical engineering, and so on.

With experience teaching English to 5th graders and how to solve a Rubik’s cube to his cousin, Victor is well-equipped to impart his knowledge

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LJ Capundag

General Manager at Shadstone

Has over 10 years managerial experience in a state bank before going full time in the digital marketing industry. Her experience involves evaluation of business loan applications, preparing feasibility and industry studies, and management of banking operations.

Started as a content writer in Shadstone. She worked her way up to become the Content Editor and eventually the General Manager of the company.

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Camille Chu

Social Media Specialist at Shadstone

Over 10 years of experience with different types of industries and top-notch abilities in Social Media Management, Administration, Recruitment, Customer Service, and Virtual Assistance.

Knowledgeable of customer relations and content development strategies. Successful building audiences, extending branding, and launching initiatives using multi-platform approaches. Brings fresh and interesting content with creativity and adaptable voice based on target audiences and platforms.

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Jan Mendoza

Community Manager at Shadstone

Jan has been a solid Global From Asia team member and is now co-hosting GFA Podcasts & participating in GFA's latest project - GFAKids. She specializes in Client Relations and has been practicing her Events Coordination and Organization skills with GFA team behind her - supporting all that she does. Jan is your go-to person if you are looking for immediate assistance with all things GFA. She's also stepping

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Aimee Apostol-Escasa

Film Director, Producer, and Screenwriter

Aimee Apostol-Escasa is a director, writer, and editor. She is a native of Iloilo and graduated from Assumption College with a degree in Mass Communications (Media Production).

In 1994 she joined various workshops by the Mowelfund Film Institute. One film workshop and another one for animation produced “Dive”, a short animation as a tribute to her favorite Olympic divers.

In 2012 she wrote and directed her first full-length film “Asin” (a

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Chuck Escasa

Film Director, Producer, and Screenwriter

Chuck Escasa studied Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines Diliman and learned filmmaking at the Mowelfund Film Institute. From humble beginnings in Pasig, he is now a well-known filmmaker, editor, producer, and writer. Specializing in indie films, he has won many awards such as the 1997 Gawad CCP Award for Best Experimental Film for his short film, “The Last Type-Writer. One of his other works is the

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Elayne Ogatis

Content Marketer and Health Entrepreneur

Currently works as a Tech Writer for a digital marketing company. Previously worked with Dazz Bags as a content editor and marketer. An active youth leader that leads her to be involved in different ministerial and outreach programs. In her free time, she loves to teach kids, particularly her younger kin and kids in her neighborhood. A healthpreneur. She’s a Public Health graduate from the University of the Philippines,

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Michael Michelini

Podcast host and blogger

Mike is the host of the Global From Asia podcast. He deeply enjoys sharing knowledge and connecting hard working, global business owners from around the world.

American social media & E-Commerce & SEO specialist being China since late 2007 a true business connector. He is passionate to help companies do business in China, and help Chinese companies to grow in the overseas market.

Currently building a new e-commerce brand live on

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PJ Entrepreneur


Lifetime Entrepreneur and Founder of OEM - Factory Network

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