Teacher Leisle

About Me

Hello there! My name is Leisle, I’ve been teaching English of varying levels from young kids to adults. I’ve had young students who are at school and also students who are already professionals in their own field of work. I am patient and considerate to the student’s level of learning. I see to it that I motivate my students to express their opinion more. I want them to feel free to speak their mind.


I’ve been teaching English for almost 9 years now. I took up a Bachelor of Arts major in English. I’ve taught in a Korean academy and am currently teaching online. I’ve handled students of different ages. I taught Chinese, Korean and Japanese students, too.


I see to it that my students learn how to say words correctly. I want to hear them say words in a manner that they won’t be shy in saying. I make sure they can practice even without a book. I also make sure that they practice making complete sentences. I want my students to not only learn English but to be able to communicate using the language confidently and naturally.