Teacher RA

About Me

Good day, I am Teacher RA. In my class, I teach with enthusiasm and positivity. I believe that students have varying individual needs. Nevertheless, I am flexible to meet my students' needs. I always prioritize my students and their goal to learn. I build rapport with my students to make the learning more effective!


I have been teaching English for about 3 years now! I had a lot of experience in different ESL companies like Acadsoc. I’ve taught Chinese and Koreans of different ages. I’ve taken the IELTS exam and have a TEFL teaching certificate. Now, I am taking courses and classes to still improve and enhance my teaching strategies!


In my class, it's not just learning but also fun! I prepared games and worksheets that will definitely catch my students' attention. I also prioritize expanding their academic vocabulary. In that way, they can easily express themselves in our class. Lastly, I will motivate them with learning, discovering, and inquiring. Come join my class and we will learn together!